Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I was so excited when I opened my first exhibition .I wanted to share my soft pastel paintingd with my friends and with the visitors.
I like to paint in chalk .Two pictures are reproduction,the others are just transferred from photos I took.I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 13 May 2016


I have been attending art classes for a year.And I have been painting in soft pastels which I find more enjoyable than oil.
Here is my latest one , a dreamy woman!I wonder if  how many would like and write a comment?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Here is the second one.I usually love seen poppies in the fields but wanted to keep  some in a vase in my home to feel the energy of the colour.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

My new hoby ,painting in soft pastel.

A friend of mine encouraged me to to draw and  paint pictures.She is a retired art teacher.When ever I met her she always told me that I was  a talented woman.I hadn't drawn any till this time and I never thought of that  drawing.
I saw an art Academy  opened close to my distict.I entered in the building to see what they were doing.Then I have become one of the students of the Academy since December 2014.
This is my first painting.Do you think it is succesful?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rose Petal Jam

I haven't been around for long as I have been rather busy for so many things.As a start after a long time I want to share my Rose Petal jam recipie.You can only make this jam with pink,scented roses,and they have to be cabbage roses or centifolias.You pick the petals from six fully opened roses,all opened on the same day.Remove any  bits of stamen,then wash the petals in a large bowl of water until clean .Drain well and  shake in a sieve.Mix together 5 tablespoonsful of caster sugar.
The juice of half a  lemon.
1 crystal of lemon salts(the size of a pea) the rose petals.And squeeze it all into a paste,which you put it into a sealed jar.Store this paste in the fridge (it will keep for months.)
When you are ready to make jam,You start boiling 31%2 glasses of water and 3 glasses of  sugar.Boil until it is  a thick syrup.Test dropping a little on a saucer.Whe it doesn't run ,it is ready.Add the rose mixture from the jar.Stir for or five minutes while the mixture boiling.When it foams and hisses,it is ready.Turn off the heat .Allow to cool for a five minutes then put into glass jars.Seal when cool.Enjoy,may it do you good.
I will tell you how  I make YOĞURT at home.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Quınce marmalade

 It is the time of making quince marmalade.
I grated two quinces and boiled it for half an hour then add the sugar,one and half water glass of sugar would be enough, and I added the seeds  as well to colour well.
I continued boiling till it got thicken,I sometimes stirred it.
Here it is but ıt did not come out red as as I expected .I do not know why.May be the quinces were different from the ones I tried before..but it tastes delicious:)

Thursday, 30 January 2014


I enjoyed doing handicrafts since my childhood.These are the pictures my latest  embroidery I have finished recently.
I should be proud of myself,shouldn't I?